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Updated 08/20
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Attention, dear players!
On the server x100 installed the update 24.0. Enter into it:

1. The war in solus Campaign.
+ Modified location Solus: added camp cor and acres, spider nests, egg laying, Uli, barricades, special. technique and other decorations.
+ Introduced a large number of new monsters: Guarda in armor master with weapons 61 PvP, Guarda in firilovoy or officer armor with 63 PvP weapons, turrets, MAU, animus, crayfish, twigs, bears mutants, grave arachnids, relict graboids, black slugs, small morphs, spotted bugs, droids liquidators, poisonous beetles and many others. The total number of varieties of monsters in Solus exceeds 150 species.
+ Introduced quests of the campaign. Each race has its own quests with its own reward, but the total reward for all races is the same. Among the major awards — 200 forbidden runes, 150 amethyst, drawing gravity cycle and subject to change properties in 63 PvP weapon. You can read more about campaign rewards in a separate topic about the campaign.
+ In the store Coordinator Moves added teleport to Solus.

2. Agate Carter => Plague Queen.
+ Agate no longer spawn on Saturday at 21.00 GMT. His place was taken by the Plague Queen with about the same characteristics and drop. It spawns in the valley of the Solus near the Grotto of Twins. This PB is required for the last quest of the campaign.
+ The agate is a mini-boss with respawn every 4 hours.
+ From winning quests chain "Big Game", which was required to kill Agatha, removed the box with bloody jewelry.

3. Properties 63 PvP weapons.
+ Introduced properties for 63 PvP weapons in the store Manager. The cost of 36k platinum. Inserting the property has no effect on sharpening and is 100% likely. In the description of each property specified chance of passage magic.
+ Introduced resource for change of properties in 63 PvP weapons. The cost of 18K platinum. Also issued in the last quest of the campaign. In addition to this resource and weapons with the property, you need a new property to which you want to change your old one. At the same time, you will not get the old property back.

4. The gravity cycle.
+ Introduced A Gravity Cycle. Has the characteristics of the booster indifference. It has a unique appearance and flight animation.
+ The entered part of the gravity cycle. Four parts can be purchased in GS for PvP points, hunting Points, Event points and platinum respectively. The fifth part - the Drawing - gets only for the complete passage of the campaign.
+ Introduced the combination of the Assembly of the gravity cycle of five parts. The probability of success is 33%, with failure burns 1 of the components. Can burn even a drawing (for the campaign you will be given 5 pieces, however, this may not be enough if you are not very lucky).
+ Changed skill antigrav. Now it can be used only together with suited gravity cycle (as usual, in the peaceful mode). The rollback skills is reduced to 20 seconds.
+ Changed icons for skills antigrav and the icon of the flight panel interface.
+ In CashShop added 6 additional colors for the gravity cycle.
Unlike MTM, the paint to remove from the gravity cycle to it, just new paint over the top!!!

13 July
Attention, dear players!

We understand that there is no time to play during the holidays. Want to spend time in nature, with family and friends. However, we want to encourage those who stay with us for the holidays and will play. Check out the schedule of events on the X100 server:

1-6 may - boxes in the game.
A nice bonus for being in the game, which does not require any action.
The results takes place automatically in the mail. It's enough to be online. Comes 2 boxes per hour (the first day), then every 2 hours.
The drop of the boxes: capsules with the Glasses Hunt, capsules with Pvp points, doping and other useful stuff. There is a chance to get bDDD jewelry.
The issuance will begin after rebooting the server, 1 on may about 12:00 and will end on technical working 6 may.

1-5 may Event "chafer".
May 1 will be created a separate topic with detailed description of the event and its features.

May 8-12 - Event dedicated to the victory Day.
May 7 will create a separate topic with a detailed description of the event and its features.

May 1-13 - event weapon at the Event Manager in the General staff.
Sold for 5 million races.currency and has damage between 63+4 and 63+5. Term ownership clock.
The sale will start after the server reboot, on may 1 around 12:00. On 13 may, the damage and properties of the weapon will be disabled.

1-13 may - the may Box good Luck.
The drop-down box at the may event and sold in the CashShop. Contains: Sokoli, Ferrovie Coins, Amethysts, Capsules OO/PvP/IO, event weapons, and even VC and CDD jewelry. The more valuable the item, the lower the chance.

We hope you enjoy the events. Thank You for being with us.
01 May
Implemented New Year Event.

Implemented modules:
1. Displaying and working time timer in solo and group danzhah.
2. Accounting for monsters destroyed by quests in solo and group dungeons.
3. The ability to change the drops from monsters in dange without changing drop from mobs outside Danga.

The server already available the first THREE "Single Dungeons":
+ Land Of The Elves
+ Land Of Elves Part 2
+ Metal Elves

The keys are sold at the Gate Keeper.

In dungeon you can do quests, knock out the appropriate objects to receive rewards for completing.
Drop and the complexity of the identifies a on keys.

+ Added quest to buy keys in the game to NPC Helper Beginners. This is done so that players can learn about their existence right in the game.
+ Added clarification about the existence of "Single Dungeons" in the initial quests.
+ Fixed a bug in the combination of sharpening 63 weapons on +5. Did not take part in one of the jewelry of VK.
+ Made a lot of changes in the description of objects.

Continue working on gangemi. In the near future will be implemented some more "Single Dungeons", as well as several group.
24 December
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