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Attention, dear players!
Today we put the first part of the update-upgrade for X100 server.
The main purpose of a series of updates is to make the server clear and convenient for the game.
Of course, all these changes will also affect the balance/economy/development system. Gradually we reach all aspects of the game. Now we are installing what has already been done.
Update 23.1 is installed on the server and is now included:

+ Changed rates on drop.
+ Changed drop all Pitboss, Chip, Keeper.
+ Changed the arrangement of NPC. Fixed problems with the animation. Changed names of NPCs and shops.
+ Created new quest chains. The first is given when creating a character, and then splits into two.
Quests are a guide.
+ Changed quests in The lands of Elves and Volcano.
+ Added new monsters to outposts to complete quests with fast leveling.
+ Assigned levels of items in the game.
+ Remake location of the land of the Elves. Changed the settings for all monsters and their loot.
+ Remake the location of the Volcano. Changed the settings for all monsters and their loot.
+ Changed parameters of all monsters in the Desert, adjusted drop.
+ Changed drop from all monsters in the campaigns "Revenge of the Natives" and "no-Joke business".
+ Changed the settings and drop all the monsters for quests 1-20 (daily) and master's degree.
+ Modified combinations to upgrade elites, 20=>21, 21=>60. Combinations are written on the items and are listed in the quest guide.
15 октября
Dear players!
On the ReFresh server, the transition to the 3rd stage has been made. What it includes:

+ Open pumping to level 60.
+ Significantly sped up the leveling from 1 to 55 level.
+ Type-C weapons and weapons Crimson level 55 reduced to level 52.
+ Introduced sets rapid start for players 1-55 levels. Are coupons that are exchanged for some things in the Hero. There are two types of sets: 1-50 and 50-55. They are sold in a cash shop for 699 and 1399 shops respectively. However, there are free analogues that are distributed through advertising promotional codes.

Description - https://www.pvpwar.ru/showthread.php?t=104140
10 августа
Dear players!
ReFresh Server officially opens on June 22 at 20.00!
You will find a lot of interesting and exciting! Let's start as usual with Reutov.

Upgrade rates increased to x7-x 8.5.
Less time to upgrade-more time to battle!
Also, when you increase the level of the character you always get at least 1 quest (41 level chain of 2 quests). Development became more smooth and interesting.

Promo Page - http://pvpwar.net/refreshpromopage/index.html
21 июня
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